I find myself noticing time passing. Not just saying “wow the summer went fast”, but actually feeling the minutes as they pass, knowing I’ll never get them back. Last night my youngest had a headache and wanted to go to bed earlier than normal. He asked me to lay with him and he put his arms around my neck and held me tight as he started to fall asleep. As I laid there, super uncomfortable with the position I was in for the hug, but not daring to move for fear he’d let go, I gazed at the shelf by his bed that holds all of his tiny stuffed animals. He is a tiny boy and he’s always loved tiny things. I could remember where and when he got each of his littles and I realized it’s been a while since he got another one. I felt the time moving and I wanted to stop it. Then he whispered “ok mom you can leave the room now”. And there it was, he didn’t need me anymore. But I loved that few minutes that he did.

The strange thing about time when raising children is that the days can feel so very long. There are moments we feel so overwhelmed that we want the time to pass as fast as possible, for bedtime to be here now. The days are long and the years are short. I heard that somewhere and I think it’s spot-on. Right now I’m ready for time to stop. It’s going by too fast. I panic when I feel it passing. Each hour, each minute. Sometimes I’m so exhausted and tired but want to do more because I don’t want to waste time. My oldest son is nine and is becoming a young man right before my eyes. I can’t believe it. I’m so proud of him but still see him as the little baby that scooted on his bottom because his head was so heavy he couldn’t crawl (he’d topple over onto his face!). I don’t wish for those days back. I don’t want to reverse time. But I would like time to slow down going forward. So universe, if you’re listening, do me this solid and slow it down! In the meantime, I’ll keep striving to make the most of every minute.

Noreen Thurston is a former corporate VP who took a leap of faith to chase her dreams. She left her successful and secure career to create the life she desires as a professional organizer and life coach. She is ready to share her skills and experiences with you to help you lead your best life! Contact her to schedule your consultation.

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