Organization: not a hack

We’ve all seen them and have gravitated towards the ease of what they promise. I’m talking about those “Top 10” lists or “Five Best Hacks” for getting what we want. The curiosity in us just has to read on when the author says “I’m embarrassed I didn’t know about #6″…we don’t want to be embarrassed we aren’t doing something everyone else is, so we better check it out, amiright?

We want things to happen fast and we want it to be easy. Myself included. But having an organized life is a lifestyle that simply can’t be achieved with a few clever “hacks” you see on YouTube. The same way fad diets don’t produce long-term results, you can’t fast-track your way to an organized life. Sure, we’ve all seen inspirational stories of people who jump start their weight loss goals with the newest diet or exercise trend, but that way of life becomes a lifestyle in order to generate long-term results and true transformation. If you want to lose weight, get health and stay healthy. Day after day, year after year. It takes work and discipline but it becomes easy because when it’s a lifestyle, it’s part of who we are and the good decisions become natural.

The same is true with living an organized life. It took years for your home or life to become unorganized, it won’t be fixed overnight. Just like health trends, you can have short bursts of motivation that drive you to organize a closet or two, but real transformation happens when we are intentional about our possessions. When we pay attention to what we really need, what we’re buying, how we feel about the things that surround us and what we really need out of our space. Then we work every day towards that goal. The decisions we make about our possessions and energy come from a place of confidence and peace, and that’s where the transformation happens.

I definitely think there is a place for tips to keep us on top of our organizing goals, and I’ll be sharing some of the methods I’ve tried. But remember that the key to any of these is to find a method or methods that works for you and use them to build an organized lifestyle foundation.

Noreen Thurston is a former corporate VP who took a leap of faith to chase her dreams. She left her successful and secure career to create the life she desires as a professional organizer and life coach. She is ready to share her skills and experiences with you to help you lead your best life! Contact her to schedule your consultation.

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