Electronic Clutter

Clutter comes in many forms. Physical clutter is obvious to most people because we can see it. Mental clutter is less understood because it’s not something we can see, rather something we feel. Mental clutter can be hidden well and be even more intrusive than physical clutter. A form of clutter that’s easy to forget about but carries the same negative energy is electronic clutter.

Our desktops, inbox, text messages, digital photos and files are out of control! One of my biggest electronic obstacles is my email inbox. I am super organized when it comes to my physical space and I keep my mental clutter in check. But my email inbox? I’m a mega clutter offender. The biggest culprit is email I don’t need anymore. It’s digital junk mail and must go. Today I commit to starting the process of getting my email organized and I’m going to share my progress with you along the way.

Here’s a snapshot of my inbox today with almost 14,000 total emails. Over six thousand of these are UNREAD! One of the biggest keys in tackling our stuff is to take it day at a time because it’s a process and a lifestyle, not a quick fix. It took a long time to accumulate this many emails, it’ll take a while to organize them. It’s also important that we reject feelings of embarrassment or negative energy around the clutter. It’s my clutter and I own it – so let’s tackle it!



The first step with electronic clutter is the same as it would be with physical clutter – PURGE! This is my favorite part! Stay tuned!

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