To “invest” means to put money, time or talent to use towards something that offers the potential for profitable returns, i.e. greater wealth, health or the achievement of a goal.

In most cases, when we invest in something we expect it will take time to realize the return on that investment. For instance, if we invest money in mutual funds today, that money may double in 10 years if we’re patient and leave it there. There are certainly investments of shorter duration, such as training 3-4 months for a marathon. The profitable return is obvious when it comes to money (we cash out with more than we put in) but is more subjective when we consider investing our time and/or effort. As a marathon runner myself, I can definitely say completing a marathon resulted in many profitable returns, one being greater strength in mind and body. When we invest our money we envision and dream of a better financial future. When we invest in ourselves over a period of time we create the time and space to realize our fullest potential and fulfill our dreams. We drive fundamental change.

You may be thinking to yourself “I am so busy there is no time left to invest in myself” or “I just don’t have any energy left at the end of the day to invest in myself”. To this I ask:

What will happen if you choose not to invest and as a result stay exactly where you are? 

No change is the cost of not investing. It’s the risk we take if we stand still and have nothing more to show for life 20 years down the road than we do now. It sounds harsh but it’s true. When we don’t invest in ourselves, we stand still. We’re stuck. Our money is stuck, our energy is stuck, WE are STUCK.

I want you to believe you can change your situation and in turn change the world with your awesomeness. Staying the way you are might feel convenient, easy and safe. But it’s also limiting, boring and blocks your future potential. If you believe you are as good now as you’re ever going to be or ever want to be, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the rest of you that know you are capable of more but don’t know how to get there. It’s baby steps but none of it happens without investment in yourself.

I recently did an analysis of my last five years of financial investment in my health and well being. This included attempted treatments for a bulged disk in my neck (caused by stress), massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, NET, talk therapy and hiring my own life coach. My monetary expenses were staggering. What’s more, each of these took an investment of time and effort to either simply attend the appointments or in the case of talk therapy and life coaching, actively work at driving change in my life. Each of these has been an investment in my health and therefore my future. And five years later, I can look back and say it has been worth every penny. Each piece has been a stepping stone. But you have to be willing to start. To create real change in your situation, the kind of change you can feel and that propels your life forward, you have to invest. There is no other way. The money, the time, the sleepless nights, the blood, sweat and tears. All of it. It’s also critical that you work with the right people to guide you along the way.

Part of this investment can and should be our physical space. Living in an unorganized state clutters our mind and energy. We don’t have the ability to think about what’s really important to us because we’re lost in all of our stuff. We are products of our environment. If our environment is cluttered, our physical and mental well being is also cluttered, leaving us feeling stressed out. When we’re stressed out, we simply try to get by, aiming to make it through the next day, next hour or next meeting. If we’re just trying to get by, we’re not focused on what we want and how we’re going to get there.

If this speaks to you, know you CAN make a change and you CAN start now. As part of my free evaluation service I will give you a few things you can do yourself to start propelling yourself forward the same day we meet. If you choose to invest in yourself enough to start stepping your way toward a better life with some simple tools you’re given, you’ll be ready to open yourself to a larger investment with the potential of greater change. You CAN do this!

Contact Noreen for a free evaluation now!

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